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Conference online 24.06.2021 - Is it a cyber attack or is it just an overloaded link - HEADER

Take part in a virtual conference dedicated to the security of data moved online and offline. Experts from Ivanti, DataLocker and Allegro Packets will introduce the event participants to issues related to automation of user processes, moving data in environments where infecting a user may end up with something worse than financial losses. They will also answer the conference’s title question: “Is this a cyber attack or just an overloaded link?”.


Guided by our motto “Keeping your data safe“, we ensure that our customers are able to prevent problems related to external attacks, data leaks and third-party interference through control and prevention. However, not everything can be foreseen and counteracted in advance. That is why it is good to have a solution at hand that can tell you in a few moments whether you have been the victim of an attack or whether a user is using your network to its limits.

During the conference we will focus on a practical presentation of the capabilities of Ivanti software. DataLocker‘s combined encrypted disk and flash drive solutions will be presented, with a system for managing these devices and end user USB ports. Allegro Packets data analyzers will be presented, which allow us to look deep into our network.

Conference Information:

24 June 2021 (Thursday)
11:00 (Poland)
12:00 (Romania)
120 minutes (± 15 min)
Language of presentation:
English and Polish
free participation
– upon registration.

Who will be interested in this event:

  • administrators who deal with IT networks of all sizes on a daily basis;
  • engineers and technicians whose main areas of interest are IT service management (ITSM) and IT asset management (ITAM), IT security and unified end-user management;
  • data protection officers and controllers who consult with their clients on their data protection requirements in terms of both hardware and software;
  • engineers responsible for monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance of IT infrastructure;
  • experts who care about the security of IT networks;
  • integrators offering solutions related to proper functioning of the network;
  • all those looking for news and wishing to broaden their knowledge on monitoring and security of networks and network traffic.

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There is still time to start the conference:









11:00 – 11:05 Welcome aboard Stovaris
11:05 – 11:45

DataLocker | Secure use of USB devices in industrial environments

Konstantin Froese, DataLocker | Michał Sobieski, Stovaris
(presentation in English with Polish support by Stovaris)

11:45 – 12:25

Ivanti | Remove IT problems before you encounter them!

Jerzy Adamiak, Stovaris
(presentation in Polish)

12:25 – 13:05

Allegro Packets | Resolving Problems with Congested Links

Hero van Lessen, Allegro Packets | Michał Sobieski, Stovaris
(presentation in English with Polish support by Stovaris)

13:05 – 13:10 Q&A Session


A competition will be held for participants during the event. You can win three Amazon vouchers worth: 200 PLN, 150 PLN and 100 PLN, to be used on the Polish platform.

How to participate in the competition?

All you have to do is actively participate 😊 Three closed questions (one-choice) will be displayed during the presentation. Answer all the questions. After the event, the first three people to answer all of them correctly will win prizes.

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For interested participants, additional training and information materials can be sent after the event.

Informacje o wykładach:

Data Locker solution

DataLocker | Secure use of USB devices in industrial environments

A DataLocker expert will show how to guarantee data security and protect it from unauthorized removal outside the company. A combination of encrypted storage media with SafeConsole software will be demonstrated, which ensures the security of devices as soon as rules and PIN are assigned to an account. This connection does not require any intervention from the administrator unless someone forgets the PIN or the device breaks one of the rules and a remote reset is required. During the lecture you will learn everything you need to know about encrypted data carriers.

Ivanti | Remove IT problems before you encounter them!

The area most frequently targeted by cybercriminals is the weakest element of an organisation’s IT environment, and this is most often the user. Integrated tools providing the highest level of protection enable defence against network attacks. Necessary automation of processes relieves IT departments from routine activities consuming huge amounts of time, which should be used for much more important tasks. The latest Ivanti Neurons platform gives IT experts and engineers a whole new energy – with intelligent features and information that is delivered in real time and can be relied upon. The platform will enable automatic troubleshooting and troubleshooting, as well as securing all devices in use.

Ivanti solution
allegro packets solution

Allegro Packets | Resolving Problems with Congested Links

This presentation and short live demonstration will address how to effectively detect overloaded IT network links, using the Allegro Network Multimeter. Methods of detecting the source of problems will be discussed, as well as identifying all devices affected by the overloaded link. Possible solutions to remove the overload will also be indicated.

Informacje o prelegentach:

Konstantin Froese

Konstantin Froese

Account Executive w regionie EMEA, DataLocker


Konstantin Froese started his professional career related to the IT market in 1992. Since then, mainly in German-speaking countries, he has held various positions from Project Manager to Sales Manager to General Manager of several IT distributors and solution providers. He is currently working with DataLocker as an Account Executive for the EMEA region. Thanks to his experience in marketing and sales, he is able to present the operation of IT solutions in a simple and understandable way, also for people without technical knowledge.

Jerzy Adamiak

Jerzy Adamiak

Storage Systems Consultant, Stovaris


Jerzy’s main area of interest is storage systems using disk arrays and tape memories. He is a specialist in security, backup and archiving of data. He has extensive experience using software solutions from Ivanti, Infortrend, Overland-Tandberg, StarWind, Veritas, Veeam and many other vendors.

Hero van Lessen

Hero van Lessen

Sales Manager, Allegro Packets


He joined the Allegro Packets team in July 2019. As sales manager he is responsible, among others, for the expansion of Allegro’s network analyzer business in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. He strongly supports the distribution and system integration partners in terms of content. Previously, Hero was with Nokia Solutions and Networks. At this company he was responsible for the introduction of innovative SDN and 5G solutions to the corporate market. He has 6 years of professional experience related to network test equipment and over 15 years in the network infrastructure sector. He has worked with corporations such as FLUKE Networks, CORNET Technology and MRV Communications.

More about:

Ask our specialists about the solutions
that will be presented during the conference:
If you have any questions regarding the organisation of the event, please contact us:

Jerzy Adamiak

Storage Systems Consultant
tel.: +48 605 274 271

Michał Sobieski

Product Manager
tel.: +48 609 603 188

Błażej Kowalkiewicz

Marketing Manager
tel.: +48 609 601 910

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