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PNY is a global technology leader in the manufacture of consumer and business electronics. During its more than 30-year history, it has gained recognition in more than 50 countries, establishing 20 subsidiaries in North and South America, Europe and Asia. PNY is proud that its products are continuously assembled in the USA, allowing them to maintain the highest quality and reliability.

Stovaris will offer PNY PRO products primarily for applications in graphics processing unit (GPU), high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Stovaris, as a VAD, promotes solutions based on the most advanced NVIDIA processors in its market activities. With our extensive product portfolio in this series, we will provide professional solutions for a variety of industries and applications.

The main fields of application for PNY products are:

– Creative professionals who need faster, more feature-rich and intuitive tools to work. Quadro systems are solutions for productive workflows such as Adobe Creative Cloud.

– Services for a wide range of users such as Pinterest, which use so-called ‘deep learning’ and image recognition. Financial companies such as PayPal are also using these solutions, where GPU-enabled technologies are used to detect fraud.

– Data sets are becoming larger and more complex, so the main task of technological advances is to make it easier to work in programs such as CAD e.g.: Autodesk Design Suites.

– Display Wall Solutions. PNY NVIDIA professional graphics cards are ideal for installation in multi-display systems where multimedia and unparalleled quality are paramount.

One of the most interesting solutions from PNY in combination with NVIDIA components is the EGX platform for professional visualisation.

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