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ProLabs is a leading provider in the optical network infrastructure market, delivering the highest quality products and innovative technology while maintaining a low price compared to its competitors. All ProLabs equipment and accessories are tested and coded in the lab to ensure the best level of performance.

In just over a decade in the market, ProLabs has become one of the most innovative manufacturers in the mid-range networking product market. Such success was motivated by their mission to dethrone OEMs by using highest quality products based on Open Source technology and very efficient after-sales service. ProLabs is constantly investing in research and development of its technologies to ensure that its products remain at the forefront of the market while supporting new suppliers from all over the world.


Among the products offered by this manufacturer we can distinguish:

  • Transceivers,
  • ProLabs DAC and AOC cables (Direct Attach Cable DAC, Active Optical Cable AOC),
  • Active solutions (media converters) or passive (patch cables).

 The company offers comprehensive solutions that integrate devices of different networks. ProLabs’ media converters and cables are high-end products that ensure the connection of two devices using different technologies.

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Michael Sobieski

Product Manager
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