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Supermicro is an international company listed on NASDAQ (SMCI). The company produces server solutions from low end to very advanced high end. The company has over 2,000 employees worldwide, 1,200 of whom are engineers working for the brand in the USA. Every day Supermicro specialists create solutions that are one step ahead of the competition.

Supermicro’s products can be divided into the SuperServer series of rack servers and SuperWorkstation tower servers, the Twin series of node servers, the reliable solutions with high processor density SuperBlade and its more intensive version MicroBlade. These are server devices running on x86 architecture with processors from the Intel Xeon and AMD series.

Supermicro is now increasingly making its mark in the IT market. This is because the brand’s server solutions can be perfectly adapted to the customers’ highest requirements. Users of Supermicro’s products can choose from a range of off-the-shelf solutions or create their own workstations from over 700 motherboards, drives, Intel Xeon processors and cases, while taking advantage of the vast pool of expansion cards. This is complemented by a range of accessories and software to ensure Supermicro servers are managed correctly.

Another reason for Supermicro ‘s success is its fast-growing new technologies department, which is introducing new units every month. At the moment, the producer has in its offer a huge base of server models supporting totally or partially (as hot data) disks with the fastest protocol – NVMe. A strong point is the very strong development of servers supporting computing and visualisation on graphics cards (GPU). Supermicro offers customers optimal solutions to meet their needs and expectations – from 1U servers dedicated to 4 graphics cards up to 10 graphics cards (including Nvidia NVLINK technology) in 4U servers. An equally powerful alternative to GPU-based servers are Supermic’s multiprocessor servers.

Supermicro’s range of high-packed solutions, the SuperBlade and Microblade, allow the creation of a unit with up to 28 clusters with interchangeable management modules and switches. The Supermicro server is among the world’s leading professional IT equipment.

The range also includes Supermicro’s special purpose workstations, providing high performance for advanced analysis, computing, animation and multimedia design. Hardware and technological solutions are valued by engineers and graphic designers. Individual components are manufactured from top-class materials. Particularly noteworthy are efficient and fast Intel Xeon processors, with which Supermicro servers are equipped.

Stovaris offers Supermicro solutions including all components and expansion cards. After a 48-hour maximum stress test, the customer receives an assembled, ready-to-use server. A wide range of disk drives, motherboards, enclosures, Intel Xeon processors, numerous hardware configurations and attractive prices allow us to offer an optimal and comprehensive solution tailored to individual user needs.

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