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The constant growth of IT infrastructure in companies forces the use of better and better tools to manage it. These include, among others, software allowing for comprehensive network monitoring. Modern systems of this type are characterized by great functionality, and to a large extent they operate autonomously. Why should you decide to use them? What are the benefits of monitoring IT infrastructure in the company? Answers to these questions have been prepared by specialists from Alstor SDS – read them now!

Network monitoring – what is it used for?

The development of IT infrastructure increases the efficiency of companies’ operations and allows them to improve the quality of customer service, but it also gives rise to certain risks. The growing IT networks are difficult to control. As a result, there is a growing risk of e.g. leakage or loss of valuable data, including personal data which is protected by law. The occurrence of such a situation may have serious consequences, both financial and reputational. Additionally, there are problems with maintaining high efficiency and reliability of the system.

Enterprises need to expand their IT departments. They hire more IT specialists and maintain additional jobs. This leads to a serious increase in business costs and, consequently, difficulties in remaining competitive on the market. Network monitoring can solve these problems. It is used primarily in order to:

  • Finding errors and irregularities in the operation of devices or software – early detection of problems minimizes the risk of serious failures,
  • analyze infrastructure performance,
  • protection of data collected in IT systems,
  • control external devices connected to the network.

What are the benefits of using a network monitoring system?

An important benefit of deploying a monitoring system is the optimization of business costs. Intelligent network monitoringThe intelligent monitoring system offered by our company, Alstor SDS, reduces human interference in service to a minimum. IT department employees can be delegated to other tasks, focusing on what is most important, i.e. company’s development.

However, the main benefit in this case is significant improvement of security. The use of monitoring in computer networks allows, among other things:

  • detailed monitoring of network traffic,
  • detection of potential hacker attacks,
  • verifying software updates and its legality, including the validity of licenses.

Network trafficmonitoring

Network traffic analysis provides IT administrators with a lot of valuable information. It allows, among others, to search for weak points of infrastructure and bottlenecks in data flow. Properly conducted network monitoring provides data to prevent serious failures. In addition, it is a great tool for planning IT system development.

Protection against hacker attacks

The greatest threat to IT infrastructure are various types of intrusions. They can occur both outside and inside the network. Through monitoring it is possible to detect in real time the intrusion of third parties. This gives administrators the ability to immediately respond to threats and protect e.g. data from leaks.

Monitoring and verification of software

Not updating programs regularly or installing them from insecure sources. These factors significantly increase the vulnerability of the system to hackers. Network monitoring with professional tools will improve the security of IT infrastructure. Among other things, it is possible to check whether software is up-to-date and verify its origin. If necessary, it is also possible to block installation from external media.

Bet on intelligent network monitoring!

The benefits of investing in network monitoring tools discussed by our specialists are only a small part of their capabilities. If you want to learn more about them, contact Alstor SDS company. We specialize in implementing intelligent systems monitoring IT infrastructure. We offer the best technological solutions, which are tailored to the individual needs of a company.