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Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX IPUHD 4K KVM – even more productivity, speed and bandwidth

Vertiv Avocent ADX IPUHD 4K KVM – jeszcze większa produktywność, szybkość i przepustowość

The Avocent ADX Ecosystem consists of several individual components, each of which can be deployed independently or in tandem to provide a greater user experience. The platform enables secure and efficient management and control of virtual and physical IT infrastructure operations. It provides support for both KVM and serial sessions for 100 or more simultaneous users. The rack manager allows consolidating IP addresses for different devices and also provides a scalability path. The 4K remote KVM, on the other hand, increases user productivity by operating at higher speeds and throughput compared to competing 4K and standard KVM solutions.

These devices are setting new standards in the industry, especially in terms of performance and security. They are particularly effective for network edge deployments where scalability and growth are common challenges.

One of the components is Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX IPUHD 4K IP KVM

The Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX IPUHD 4K IP KVM device provides users with remote access to servers in 4K video resolution. It enables employees to do their best work by providing fast, seamless access to confidential local and other business applications, increasing productivity and reducing workload. The Avocent ADX IPUHD is flexible as it can be used as an integrated 4K IP KVM module within the Avocent ADX ecosystem or as a standalone device with the Avocent ADX IPPS power supply.

Key benefits

  • The fastest and most feature-rich KVM solution in a single device.
  • Fully digital architecture for flexible and scalable deployments.
  • The most extensive IT device management.
  • Resilient and secure technology supporting over 100 simultaneous users.
  • A common architecture with open standards, platforms and APIs.



  • Greater efficiency for remote access and remote working.
  • Scalable to meet different connectivity and resolution needs.
  • Greater operational flexibility with a native USB-C connector.
  • Simplify development and testing cycles.



  • 4K KVM device with IP addressing capability.
  • 4K (3840 x 2160) @ 30Hz, 1920 x 1200 @ 60HZ.
  • 24-bit colour for a rich user experience.
  • Cable with USB-C plug.
  • Power supply via PoE via LAN1 port.
  • Safe start.
  • LAN2 for connecting the service processor.
  • HDMI, DP and MiniDP video adapters.
  • Serial connections via MicroUSB.