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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – 19 May 2022. – NetAlly, a leading innovator of Ethernet and Wi-Fi testing and analysis solutions, today announced the imminent availability on June 8, 2022, of the market’s first handheld 6/6E Wi-Fi testing device with the latest model of their EtherScope® nXG portable network expert.

An enhanced version of the well-known EtherScope® nXG wired and wireless network tester provides full Wi-Fi 6 visibility across all three 802.11 bands.

Wi-Fi 6/6E provides myriad benefits, from previously unused 6GHz bandwidth to mandatory WPA3/OWE security. EtherScope nXG has been fully updated with new hardware and software to provide connectivity, sharing and monitoring of new Wi-Fi protocols and frequencies in addition to all legacy Wi-Fi technologies.”

James Kahkoska

Technical Director , NetAlly, NetAlly

But successful Wi-Fi 6/6E deployments require more than just Wi-Fi signalling visibility, with access points requiring multi-gigabit links and higher power PoE. In addition to Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity and scanning capabilities, EtherScope nXG provides full 90W TruPower®load testing and NBASE-T LANBERT™performance testing to ensure both robust power and signaling for new access point deployments.

Wi-Fi 6/6E, EtherScope provides Reduced Neighbor Reports visibility and assigns Multi-BSSID, examines 6Ghz network coverage, capacity and performance with AirMapper®NetAlly cloud-based site survey and heatmapping software), and even qualifies 2.5 GBASE-T backhaul over existing Cat5 cabling. EtherScope is the only tool that provides all aspects of your network as you move into the new spectrum.

TheWi-Fi 6/6E EtherScope nXG is another innovative solution from NetAlly. Twenty years ago, WaveRunner, the industry’s first handheld Wi-Fi tester, was introduced. Now, once again, with the latest EtherScopeNetAlly is putting critical visibility of this new technology into the hands of customers.

Current EtherScope nXG owners will be able to take advantage of the NetAlly loyalty programme to purchase this new technology at a significant discount. For more information on the Wi-Fi 6/6E and EtherScope nXG portable network analyser, click below.

Wi-Fi 6/6E brings a lot of complexity to our Wi-Fi networks. I am amazed by NetAlly ‘s rapid innovation in creating a handy tool to prepare network engineers for the next generation of Wi-Fi. With a tool like EtherScope nXG, I feel absolutely confident that I understand and validate the latest technologies and features that were not on the market before.”

Rowell Dionicio

Managing Director , Packet6, Packet6

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