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Advantech was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Taiwan. The company is the undisputed number one in services and solutions used in industry, transportation and energy. Advantech’s revenue in 2010 was only USD 231 million while in 2017 it was already USD 1.45 billion. The company is still growing very dynamically, each year it records at least 10% more revenue (YoY) (growth assumed by the management board is 8%). The company’s financial results illustrate very well the potential that lies in the industry. In 2000 smart factories were a rarity, now Advantech has set itself the goal of modernizing all factories according to the Industry 4.0 plan.

Advantech worldwide

In 2017, Advantech’s share of total sales represented for the industrial market successively America 28%, China 32%, Asia 14% and Europe 17%. It is worth noting the very high share in the American market, where such a result proves that the equipment is of the best quality and the solutions proposed by the manufacturer perfectly hit the customer’s needs. The company’s share in the IPC (Industrial PC) segment is over 32%, this number successively grows leaving far behind the closest competition (Siemens, below 18%). In Poland, Advantech has a large facility which is to support the market in Poland and Eastern Europe, due to which technical support and access to solution presentations is extremely easy for the Polish market. Every year Advantech is awarded for first place in such competitions as Worldwide Industrial PC or Taiwan Excellence.

Global support

Advantech, thanks to a very well developed network of its offices, allows for technical support of a project set up in any place of the world. Additionally, foreign customers purchasing solutions from another country may have their equipment serviced directly in their country, without the need to send it abroad. This option allows to support our native integrators implementing their solutions around the world. The manufacturer is known worldwide for its very low failure rate. It creates components, which are able to work under heavy load even in the temperature range from -40 °C to +80 °C. Today, Advantech also produces the most robust SSDs, whose failure rate is decreasing every year, and in 2018 it reached a record 0.08%

Advantech creates solutions thanks to which every factory can be modernized to the level of the fourth industrial revolution (Factory 4.0). iFactory solutions are intended primarily for companies that want to use intelligent factories, e.g. producers of food products, electronics, cars or energy suppliers. Whereas CNC solutions were created for intelligent monitoring of machines. Advantech’s product portfolio includes more than 8,000 devices for a variety of industries, from small I/O modules, industrial PCs (IPCs), embedded computing systems to PCI-e cards, industrial flash drives and rack servers. Advantech’s platforms offer sensing, monitoring and remote communication with data integration and analysis tools. This makes them ideal for use in various industrial sectors. In addition, Advantech offers motion control cards and all-in-one systems to meet the requirements of system integrators.

Where can you find Advantech?

Based on its rich experience, Advantech has also created a wide range of solutions for the transport sector. This includes products for rail and road transport, e.g. for automatic toll collection, urban traffic management, management of motorways and communication centres, as well as the system of type recognition of cars implemented on motorways. Advantech’s solutions turn ordinary systems into intelligent systems equipped with safe, energy-efficient features. They are designed for markets in sectors such as transportation, factory and machine automation or cloud infrastructure.

Among solutions intended for intelligent factoriesAdvantech offers, for example, UNO systems that bridge the hitherto existing gap between IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology). The offer also includes MIC and ARK systems, which are ideally suited for work in the worst conditions (dust, temperatures) and thanks to a unique system of expansion with optional modules the customer receives unprecedented possibilities of expansion without the need to buy more central units.

Thanks to constant search for unique solutions, the company is systematically expanding, merging with smaller entities, which in practice means that each year the company’s portfolio grows and the manufacturer is already able to provide all the elements needed for modernization and introduction of original solutions, even software.

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