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DataLocker is an innovative provider of data encryption solutions. The US-based company has been in business since 2007 and is an unquestionable global leader in information security. Its clients include such organizations as CIA, NASA or Microsoft.

DataLocker’s centralized management software extends the functionality of the Stovaris portfolio of encrypted USB flash drives. DataLocker’s SafeConsole and Enterprise Management System (EMS) platforms enable the centralized management of Kingston’s DataTraveler and IronKey encrypted USB drives. With these solutions, IT administrators can manage USB drives in an easy and centralized way. Using DataLocker’s advanced software tools, IT professionals can provide better support to simplify the integration and use of resources, including:

  • remote password reset,
  • setting password rules,
  • blocking the user from writing files to the media,
  • Securely transfer published files directly to your device,
  • collecting logs from devices,
  • repurposing of memory withdrawn from use.

In addition, the American manufacturer, to meet the needs of corporate customers, also offers a full range of secure, hardware-encrypted external hard drives.

Ask our specialist about this manufacturer’s solutions:

Michał Sobieski

Product Manager
tel. +48 609 603 188