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Teradici was founded in 2004 and since its inception, the company has focused on its mission of seamless, secure, remote access to end-user data and applications.

Teradici ‘s PCoIP® technology is a best-in-class protocol that enables organizations to create secure, high-resolution, low-latency virtual workspaces. It is the most secure remote technology on the market, enabling visualization of even the most demanding graphics applications. Teradici supports multiple local, remote and collaborative work styles, connected through data centers or cloud solutions.

Today, Teradici ‘s technology can be found in many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and service providers around the world. The company also partners with leading cloud service providers to provide the ultimate user experience and enable its customers to scale to millions of users.

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Michał Sobieski

Product Manager
tel. +48 609 603 188