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Fujitsu Technology Solutions is the largest and most recognizable IT infrastructure provider. The company was founded in 1935 and now employs more than 13,000 specialists. The brand is present on all major markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. The recipients of Fujtsu products are large corporations, companies from the SME sector and individual customers. The company offers an extensive range of IT products, solutions and services – from client systems to data center solutions.

A subsidiary of Fujitsu TS is PFU Limited, which designs, manufactures and distributes their scanners. PFU is the oldest manufacturer of equipment for digitizing paper documents. Thanks to its experience in transforming images into electronic form, the brand enjoys great trust among its users.

Fujitsu PFU has a comprehensive range of professional scanners for personal use, office use, high volume production, workgroup and network environments. The devices are characterized by high reliability.

Stovaris (formerly Alstor SDS) distribution includes production, office and network scanners, as well as dedicated software from this manufacturer.

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