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QCT – Quanta Cloud Technology

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) is a global provider of data center solutions. The company was founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Quanta Computer, a Fortune Global 500 engineering and manufacturing company.

QCT’s initial goal was to manufacture servers for a wide range of end users. In 2012, QCT added network hardware and switches to its portfolio and became an equipment supplier to the cloud solutions market. A year later (in2013), QCT introduced industrial rack systems. In the following years, QCT partnered with software vendors, resulting in software-defined, hyper-converged infrastructure solutions for equal cloud environments (public, private and hybrid). QCT offers a full spectrum of data center products and services, from engineering, integration and optimization to global supply chain support, all on “one deck”.

QCT product lines include:

  • Servers: general purpose 1U / 2U / 4U servers; high-density multi-node servers and 4-way servers, mission critical enterprise applications such as HPC, virtualization, big data analytics, distributed computing and various cloud services.
  • Storage: high-density, integrated storage systems and JBOD/JBOF systems optimized for different storage architectures and a range of I/O performance requirements.
  • Network Switches: QCT’s QuantaMesh Ethernet line is designed for dual layer architecture (spine and leaf), in modern data centers. It features low latency and power consumption, and high port density. It offers different speed options from 1G, 10G / 40G to 25G / 100G.
  • Rack systems: Rackgo X is a solution that integrates QCT servers, storage and top-of-rack switches inspired by Open Compute Project (OCP) standards. Features of the system include low capital and operating costs. The system features simplicity, scalability, manageability and high density. Rackgo M is a rack solution based on the Open CloudServer version 2 (OCS v2) standard developed by Microsoft, in the Open Compute Project (OCP). It is an innovative solution offering performance, density, availability, flexibility, scalability and ease of use and deployment. Highly optimized with a unified and flexible design. Rackgo M offers superior performance with minimized total cost of ownership for cloud data centers that provide a diverse range of cloud services and/or deploy services in global data centers with different infrastructure requirements.

All solutions provide performance, scalability, reliability, manageability and optimization for any workload.
QCT product lines use standard and open hardware, so customers are never dependent on proprietary hardware, system software or management software provided by only one vendor.

Ask our specialist about this manufacturer’s solutions:

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Sales Director
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