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Promise Technology

Promise Technology Inc. is a recognized leader in the global storage market and a leading developer of high-performance solutions for data center, surveillance, cloud and rich media environments. Aiming to meet the rigorous requirements of its customers, the manufacturer has earned a reputation for building innovative solutions for vertical markets, satisfying the needs of large corporations, small and medium enterprises, security integrators and professional developers alike.

Promise offers solutions for various environments, including:

  • IT – storage proven in the world’s largest IT environments;
  • Rich media – optimized for rich media production cycles, these products enable you to quickly access, edit, share and distribute footage of any size or format.
  • Monitoring – For small and medium businesses, the manufacturer offers RAID controllers for internal and external drive connections, for installations from 16 to 64 cameras. And for large enterprises, it can deploy high-reliability standalone RAID subsystems for over a thousand network video cameras.

Promise offers both easy-to-use DAS appliances and proven business-class array solutions. Currently the most popular product lines are:

Pegasus3 Series – The next generation of the industry’s best Pegasus desktop RAID systems, featuring Thunderbolt 3 technology that delivers throughput levels of up to 40 Gbps, (double the speed of its predecessor, Thunderbolt 2).

TheVTrak E5000 series – high availability business storage for SAN and DAS – now with support for up to 16G Fibre Channel and 12G SAS. High bandwidth, low latency and advanced RAID protection create the ideal solution for rich media environments.

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Product Manager
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