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StorCentric offers award-winning data management solutions that are dedicated to enterprise customers as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The vendor has delivered more than one million data management solutions. StorCentric has won over 100 awards for the technological innovations developed and the excellence of its services. The company’s innovations focus on customers and their specific data requirements. The manufacturer provides high-quality solutions with high flexibility, data protection, and considerable expandability. The key themes around which the manufacturer builds its offerings are: High Density Block Storage, All Flash Storage and High Performance Block & File Storage, complemented by software related solutions from the groups: On Premises & Cloud Backup and Data Management Software.

StorCentric is expanding its portfolio through acquisitions of companies that develop software and hardware for data protection and management.

Companies that have become part of the StorCentric group:

  • Drobo
  • Nexsan
  • Assureon
  • Violin Systems
  • Retrospect
  • Vexata
  • Data Mobility Suite

StorCentric currently has no plans to rebrand any of the acquired companies. The vendor is focused on activities in areas such as cloud native applications with containers, object storage, service mode backup and disaster recovery.

Ask our specialist about this manufacturer’s solutions:

Jakub Bala

Product Manager
tel. +48 609 807 177