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Proget is a Polish company with headquarters in Bielsko-Biała. It has been designing MDM (Mobile Device Managementsystems for over 12 years. The most important task of the Proget MDM platform is to manage a fleet of devices in a secure way. The company’s flagship solution was created by Polish programmers, based on their own ideas and security features.

Proget dedicates its solution to companies that own up to several thousand mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In case of loss or theft of a key device, data always remains safe, as it can be deleted remotely (the platform allows for deletion of the entire memory or only corporate data).

Some of the most important features, and benefits of using the Proget MDM system, include:

  • Control of device functions;
  • Geolocation of devices;
  • Data Encryption;
  • Remote erase function;
  • Application Distribution;
  • Remote integration and configuration


  • Remote Desktop.

The company closely cooperates with the largest manufacturers of mobile devices such as Samsung (holding the status of Gold Technology Partner), Huawei and Apple. The versatility of the software allows to control mobile devices on the most popular platforms, i.e. iOS and Android. The simplicity, lightness and ease of use as well as the effectiveness of the software make Proget’s flagship the leading solution for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

The Proget MDM system is not a closed platform. Proget ‘s developers and engineers have incorporated many features into the system at the request of users. So Proget ‘s solutions should be treated as a solid base that can be shaped and customized to meet the needs of our customers.

Proget is an undeniable pioneer in the MDM market.

The second system produced by Proget is a software that prevents the extortion of mobile devices purchased by subscription, lease or installment. This proposal from Proget works whenever the user does not pay the obligations related to the use of the mobile device. This cutting-edge software has the ability to remotely lock the device’s data or allows you to display on the screen a multilevel message, configured by the system administrator.

Ask our specialist about this manufacturer’s solutions:

Daniel Murawski

Product Manager
tel. +48 691 701 175