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Allegro Packets

Allegro Packets is a network analysis specialist that offers an innovative network troubleshooting tool in the form of the Allegro Network Multimeter. This network debugger is beneficial to system administrators and network workers because it offers extensive analysis capabilities across all network layers. The Network Multimeter from Allegro combines the advantages of previous solutions and is smaller, faster and more practical than other network analysis tools on the market.

Although the smallest model is slightly larger than a smartphone, Allegro’s solution is as powerful as a full-featured server. Moreover, it can clearly represent even complex network structures. A product that combines all three properties mentioned above is a unique solution.

The main goal of the product is to help the user solve problems. In order to guarantee the highest quality of functionality, Allegro Packets is open to all user suggestions. Allegro Packets meets the growing requirements of modern information architectures with innovative features: the device can be transported in any laptop bag and installed at any point on the network.

Allegro Packets was founded in 2014 by Katrin Pflugfelder, Klaus Degner and three developers Dr. Ralf Hoffmann, Martin Weiser and Georg Müller. The founders are specialists in the field of network packet processing and have many years of experience in network technology development.

Our customers include IT departments, data centers, external IT service providers or Internet service providers.

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Michał Sobieski

Product Manager
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