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Data Direct Networks (DDN)

Data Direct Networks (DDN) is the world’s leading provider of storage solutions for organisations around the world with a need to store large volumes of data. For more than 15 years, DDN has been designing, implementing, developing and optimising storage array systems, software and solutions that enable all businesses, service providers, universities and government agencies to reduce the time it takes to access data locally and in the cloud. Organizations leverage the potential of DDN technology and the Data Direct Networks team’s technical expertise in data storage, processing and analytics to receive a reliable and low-cost blockchain or ALL-Flash system.

DDN has announced support for NVIDIA DGX™ A100 systems in its solutions. The DGX A100 is the world’s first AI system that consolidates the power and capabilities of the entire data center into one flexible platform. TheA3Isystem combines DDN storage, DGX A100 systems, and high-speed NVIDIA Networking (formerly Mellanox and Cumulus) to deliver optimized I/O processing power, based on performance and scale. These solutions are fully optimized to accelerate artificial intelligence AI applications, including streamlining data transfers and increasing productivity. By partnering with industry leaders such as NVIDIA, AMD-Xilinx, and Intel, the company leverages their expertise and technologies to significantly accelerate AI-based innovations and maximize investments in GPUs and GPU cards.

DDN’s customers, especially after the acquisition of Tintri, include many financial services companies, healthcare organizations, manufacturing and energy companies, government agencies, research institutions, and internet and cloud service providers.

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