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Lantronix Inc. is a global provider of secure data access and management systems for Internet of Things (IoT) resources. Lantronox’s mission is to become and remain the leading provider of IoT solutions that enable enterprises to dramatically simplify the creation, deployment and management of IoT projects while providing secure data access for applications and their users.

With more than two decades of experience creating robust technologies, Lantronix is an innovator enabling customers to create new business models and harness the power of the Internet of Things. Lantronix brand solutions are deployed in millions of devices serving multiple market sectors, including industries such as data centers, medical services, security, industrial, transportation, commercial, financial, environmental and government.

Currently, the key pillars of the Internet of Things are hardware (devices) and networking, the ability to manage large data sets, mobility, and enterprise-level security. All the mentioned aspects of IoT are the main area of interest and activity of Lantronix company. Its products, solutions and services enable connectivity (wired and wireless – Wi-Fi and via cellular network) and management of “things” – including machines, devices, sensors, computers. Customers deploy Lantronix solutions for a wide range of their equipment – from medical devices in hospitals or municipal water monitoring systems, through industrial equipment in factories, to high-power switches and routers that serve as the backbone and foundation for data centers.

In summary, for over 25 years Lantronix has been helping businesses connect to the Internet – reliably, intelligently, securely and quickly!

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