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Silex Technology has been in business for over 40 years. During this time, the company has built its expertise in hardware, software and intellectual property. Silex Technology subsidiaries are located in: Japan, China, USA and Germany. All of the company’s branches are guided by a consistent policy and principles:

  • environmental protection,
  • to maintain an adequate level of quality,
  • a common course of action,
  • the implementation of common values: development, mutual respect, professionalism and globalisation.

The unconventional approach of Silex engineers to design work and the company’s technological capabilities directly translate into a high quality level of offered solutions.

Continuous product enhancements, exclusive access to Qualcomm Atheros expertise and strategic partnerships with leading semiconductor vendors have made Silex Technology a global leader in reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. The brand’s solutions support a wide range of devices – from medical equipment and document imaging products to video and digital displays. Silex brand products are ideal for OEM customers.

Silex Technology develops, manufactures and markets end products for Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity. The recipients of its solutions are mainly business and corporate users. Silex offer can be divided into USB servers, Serial Device Servers, wireless infrastructure devices, dedicated communication solutions and presentation support systems.

With Silex technology, customers receive hardware and software support from a single vendor.

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Przemyslaw Prochera

Business Development Manager
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